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Moving completed. Unpacking not even close. Thank *your deity here* the new place has a truly preposterous amount of storage space, seeing as I don't think I've purposely gotten rid of anything bookwise since I sold all of my Xanth when I was 10 or so, and then bought them all back over the next several months. You can imagine the trauma involved in knowing that you bought Golem in The Gears not once, but twice. I'm considering sending everyone who comes to our as yet unplanned housewarming party home with a choose your own adventure book or two, because I'll be damned if I'm ever moving them again. Or perhaps you would be more interested in a copy of Programming Adventure Games in Basic. It not only includes sample code for the Atari ST, but it also comes with a complementary kitten sticker I apparently thought was quite dashing when I was nine. How can you resist? Actually, on second thought, I'm keeping that. You can't have it!

The commute thus far isn't as bad as I expected, though I've only done the downhill portion of it at this point, and I've seen some kids coming the other direction looking incredibly displeased about gravity. If nothing else, I should have some incredibly freakish calves if I keep this up, though I wish the particular set of muscles responsible for keeping me from going arse over teakettle down a 20% grade would stop tensing when I was actually off the hill. They seem so satisfied to finally have a purpose that I don't really have the heart to do anything about it though.

Tonight, Emily, Nadja and I are all off to The Faint and Ladytron at the Fillmore. Anyone else going?


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