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I give this weekend at least eight thumbs up. Lovely, lazy Friday and Saturday at Emily's, and then on Sunday, we went to the Alameda antique fair, which is daunting, to say the least. We mostly escaped unscathed, though Emily was felled at the last moment by a copy of a children's book illustrated by Maurice Sendak that we'd never heard of before, The Bat Poet, and I seem to have picked up an incredibly minor sun burn, but when compared to the vast amount of things we went "Ooooh!" about, I think we got off lucky. I will, however, sleep just a little worse at night knowing that if one were inclined to own a canteen made out of a deer hoof, one easily could. Post fair, we stopped by the Chunpound to wish Josie a happy birthday and join in the pancake and mimosa fueled celebrations. Along with the usual suspects, I got to see Xander outside of his baby burrito exoskeleton for the first time, which was a highlight.

Sunday afternoon, Sasha, Jason and I went to go sign the lease on our exciting new apartment! It's less convenient transitwise (up in the El Cerrito hills, though the 7 line goes close), and more rent, but it's grand. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms. Large two car garage, which is probably going to serve as a library/Rock Band/game room. Ginormous, open, split level living room/dining area/kitchen area with a view of the city. Truly silly amounts of closet space, or at least that's the impression that Sasha's salivation gave me. Two decks. One immediately adjacent to the house, and one up a couple of long flights of stairs behind the house from which you can see... pretty much everything, honestly. Lovely little drought resistant flowers all up the hill also, for maximal pretty with minimal upkeep. Central air. New stove and refrigerator. Sashie's new mantra, "Heated marble floor in the master bathroom". The list goes on and on. We are very excited about it.

You know what else I'm excited about? Lunch!
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