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...rebuilt me back anew with something to look forward to...

I think it is time for a change of user icon. The old one has served me well lo' these many years, but while I find it a fairly apt expression of one aspect of my personality, it's an aspect that quite honestly, I'm sick to death of. So, good bye sulky, mopey, petulant Josh (albeit one with a charmingly placed wisp of hair in front of your eye). Hello smiley Josh. Look, I'm even looking boldly into the future. Assuming the future is everything occurring to the right side of my picture, which, you know, it might be.

The photo is courtesy of Fifi the horrible, from whom I stole it with malice aforethought, but she's horrible, so clearly had it coming. It's from a rather lovely set from a rather lovely cocktail party. You can find some more hither and yon if you are so inclined. Revel in the unique experience of seeing me in a suit! Gasp at the miracle of my newly found lack of alcohol tolerance! Experience the majesty of attractive friends in low cut dresses! It's a thrill ride for the whole family!

So that's what I did with my weekend. That and a non-denominational post-holiday white elephant gift exchange, from which I walked away with... a white elephant. It's clearly a piratical elephant, having only one eye. I can only assume that it lost the other in a terrible fight with a rather large and irate parrot, which it can never, ever forget thanks to its allegorical pachydermic nature.

Oh, yes, and I also saw my cousin and his wife, who were in town checking out law schools, but none of you really know him. Suffice it to say, that too was pleasant.

You know what else is pleasant? Sleep.


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