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Way down yonder, down in the meadow lies a poor little lamby. Bees and butterflies pecking out his eyes. Poor little thing, cries mommy

This weekend I had a dream that Jeff Bridges and I were opening a restaurant of some unspecified cuisine, but seeing as I was involved, I can only imagine that it featured copious amounts of cheese. It was a dream though, so who knows. Maybe we served nothing but raw meat. Regardless, Jeff Bridges had a bird which he insisted live free in the restaurant. We decided that our customers might not appreciate the occasional hail of bird effluvia from on high, so using inescapable dream logic, I suggested that we just attach a slice of cucumber to the bird's cloaca. I'm not quite sure how we went about doing this. It's possible that staples were involved, or perhaps some sort of complex electromagnetic locking mechanism (Because it is a well known fact that cucumbers are magnetic... in dreams. Not zucchini though, oddly enough). Anyway, after forming this terrifying avian/vegetable hybrid, it was released into the restaurant where it flapped merrily around, doing bird like things, and now bereft of an output port, swelling in an alarming manner. When it was around the size of a large beach ball, and I was pondering that it was about time to upgrade the cucumber to a cross-section of watermelon, I woke up. And then promptly went back to sleep to have a more mundane dream that was essentially the BART version of Langoliers

I am not eager to find out what this might imply about my subconscious, but I felt that you all should be warned. If, somewhere out there in the oneirosphere, you encounter a bird the size of a small moon resting daintily upon a disc of durian or the like, that was all me. Sorry.

Had a lazy weekend. Went to go see Vera Wilde with Will, Nadja, and Romi at the Ashby Stage on Friday. It was enjoyable. Not Beowulf enjoyable, but worth a viewing. Speaking of Beowulf, have you gotten your tickets yet? If not, you should. There's oodles of us going at this point. It'll be fun! Beer and mead afterwards! I'm not generally much of a playgoer, but I've decided that I like the Ashby Stage/Shotgun Players, and think I'll start trying to go to more things there. Unfortunately, their next play is just a modern hipster version of MacBeth, and I generally find things like that a bit annoying, but hey, it's hipsters coming to a bad end, without any risk of me being jailed for it, so I suppose I shall see it regardless. Looks like they're doing a Faust and Animal Farm next season also, which if they're just rehashed classics, are at least good classics.

I think just to be symmetrical about things, in addition to taking classics and revamping them for modern day, we should take modern movies and revamp them in a more traditional style. Just imagine the glory that is Being John Malkovich... with a greek choir! Preferably all wearing Malkovich masks. Why am I not an eccentric billionaire?

Speaking of Being John Malkovich, and by extension, one of, if not my favorite writers, Synecdoche, New York is just about out. I am excited. Also on my radar, Fears of The Dark, finally, for reals this time (in November), Repo, Waltz with Bashir, and perhaps Christmas on Mars, as I have a long running tradition with enjoying retro-scifi movies put on by rock bands (Yes, I consider American Astronaut excellent enough to be considered a tradition in and of itself). And has this already come through theaters? I haven't noticed it. Takashi Miike's Udon-Western Sukiyaki Western Django. I love movies.

In dorkery news, we exceeded all boundaries of good taste this week at D&D by coining the term ZMILF. I'd elaborate, but let's face it, there's just not all that many things the Z could stand for, and they're all pretty wrong.

Also, there is an exciting new collectable miniature game in the style of Kaiju movies. I am going to attempt to go buy tons of it after work. Because I am a dork.
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