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If the real jesus christ were to stand up today, he'd be gunned down cold by the CIA. Oh, the lights that now burn brightest behind stained glass will cast the darkest shadows upon the human heart

So, one of my IRC chatrooms was playing about with the google 2001 search functionality recently, and we took to tracking the increased number of hits from random inanity from the halcyon days of yore to present. Come with me now on a journey to a more innocent, or at least better grammared time (Yes, I know that's not actually a word)

Rickroll 0 -> 553,000
Barack Obama 773 -> 77,700,000
ORLY 70,900 -> 10,100,000
bailout 80,500 -> 32,200,000
lolcats 0 -> 1,710,000
"Hannah Montana" 4 -> 22,700,000
facebook 1,810 -> 630,000,000
"sense of impending doom" 2,170 -> 88,400
steampunk 7,620 -> 3,520,000
"I can see Russia" 2 -> 127,000

It's sort of a shame that google doesn't tell you how many records it has anymore (at least anywhere immediately obvious), so I can't do a (mildly) more meaningful percentage comparison. Ah well. Speaking of random fun with google, I was just doing a search to refresh my memory on the entirety of the (misremembered) "What brave new world?" quote from The Tempest , and got as far as "What bra" before google suggested that I might instead want to know what bra size I am, what bra size you are, what bra size Miley Cyrus is, what brand of shoes pencil artists and doodlers should wear (what?) and what branch of the military I should join. Which of course just refreshes my urge to ironically quote. "How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in't!". As an aside, if you actually enter the quote correctly, it gets it right. Well done google. You win this round.

Hey, returning to a previous tangent of awesome things that are not actually words, here is an excellent collection of possibly soon to be ex words. Because I am me, I actually use at least four of those words on a semi-irregular basis (malison, periapt, niddering, fubsy (though admittedly mainly because it's the IRC nick of an e-friend of mine)). They're all pretty excellent though

Tonight was an especially excellent night at Death Guild. There weren't many people there, and many of the people who were there were the right ones. As a result, I danced my little heart out (and a good portion of the 50 odd percent of me composed of water). It was grand.

Before Guild I did my traditional Monday movie watching to kill time and went to see Religulous. It was a good time, but then again, as a life long atheist/agnostic/godless heathen/discordian pope, I'm the target audience. I agree with most every review on rotten tomatoes at the time of this writing, positive or negative (Well, except for the Christianity Today reviewer (what a shock!)). It's couched far too offensively to change any minds, but it's entertaining, which is after all why I go to movies.

Hey, speaking of entertaining, I know Damon mentioned this, but the Beowulf rock opera (they call it a song play, but I just like the ring of Beowulf rock opera) is coming back for one night in January. Thursday the 8th specifically. I have my tickets. You should buy yours! It's totally awesome, and I will shake my head and look on you with pity if you miss it. Are you prepared to deal with that? Read Sam's review if you don't believe me! There's a song in Old English, people. Come on!

Oh dear god, I'm a fucking mess. I've been up all night reeling in distress. Grendel's killing all my men like a game of chess. And my pieces are dwindling, I have less and less. Oh dear god, help me out of bed. I'm losing my mind over all this shit. My mead hall's torn apart. I've got nowhere to sit. At least we've still got booze. I think I'll go get lit.
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