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So, I got this knot theory book...

Ok, that's probably enough right there, but wait there's more. It's a pretty gentle introduction, written for people with almost no mathematical background whatsoever. It's not entirely what I wanted, but it's got pretty pictures and it's sort of nice to have something I can just flip through without having to brain burn whatsoever. In the end of this knot theory book, there are some knot theory jokes, two of which I had heard before (bad sign), and one of which was new and amusing to me. Here I will replicate it for the enjoyment of, well, probably almost no one on my friends list, but hey, it's my journal (Seriously, why do you people still read this?).

A woman walks into a bar with a cow and a dog. The bartender says, "Hey, we don't allow animals in here.". The woman says, "Oh, but these aren't your usual animals. These animals are knot theorists." "Yeah, right" says the bartender. "I have known some knot theorists who I considered animals, but I have yet to meet an animal that I consider a knot theorist." "Well, see for yourself," says the woman. "Okay." He turns to the dog. "Name a knot invariant," he says. The dog says, "Arf, arf!!!". The bartender is not impressed. He says to the cow, "Okay, you name a topological invariant." The cow says "mu, mu". "Who are you trying to kid," says the bartender, "Get outta here." As the three of them are dejectedly leaving the bar, the dog says to the cow, "Maybe I should have said the Jones polynomial."

Ba-dump-bump. This is clearly hilarious. Seeing as it is homeomorphic (which does not actually refer to the tendency of some people to transform into homo, or at least bisexuals upon application of sufficient alcohol) to any number of "animal walks into a bar" jokes that are not hilarious, I have no choice but to assume that knot theory itself is hilarious. As such I am trying to apply knot theory to other old chestnuts of jokes. Just think of the wealth of humor that must be contained in even good old "Why did the chicken cross the road?". "To increase its crossing number" "To decrease/increase its linking number". So much potential, and that's not even trying!

Also, saw Choke. It was... fine. True to the book, for the most part, but it sort of stumbles in its transition to the big screen.

And then the obligatory post good Death Guild "Boy howdy do I love endorphins" commentary.

X. X by the tangent of N. N minus pi over 10. That equals negative 9. Negative 9 is so fine. You've got a brain, and nobody really needs another love song. Love song. You've got a brain, and nobody really needs another love song. Love song
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