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The main thing I really hate about public transit is the fact that it exposes me to the public, or more specifically, exposes me to some of the more selfish and self-centered aspects of human nature. People sprawling over multiple seats on crowded buses/trains, or sitting on the outside with a bag perched on the inside seat, people shoving past queues, or spitting sunflower seeds all over the floor. And so on and so forth.

This is why, when at the bus stop this morning I saw a woman shove her way past the man in the wheelchair who was waiting for the back door to do its whole magic "Becoming a ramp" thing and then promptly get slammed in the face when the door closed to begin this whole process, I felt a warm glow of satisfaction.

It's so rare that you get to feel schadenfreude and vindication at the same time. It's like sweet and sour mix for the soul.

Also, White Comanche was totally "awesome". I spent a scant five seconds feeling bad for any Republicans in the audience due to the McCain/Palin lambasting beforehand during the prize giveaway segment, but then I remembered there probably weren't any.


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