Mar. 24th, 2009

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Unknown quotients, you must be using potions. How else could you tie my head to the sky?

Boy howdy, am I way behind on this thing. I'm also in the midst of a bit of a sleep schedule crisis, having worked some twenty odd hours straight on Friday, and never at any point taking time to recover from that this weekend. So I tried to go to sleep early tonight, but sure enough, round about 9:30, some invisible night rooster that only I can hear crowed, and now I'm awake, but still exhausted. Clearly the only answer is to catch up on social networking until I can try to sleep again.

It's been kind of a busy two months, so I think this is going to take the form of a rough sketch of events that have occurred, in possibly non-chronologic order without a lot of detail.

My father retired, and there was a surprise party in the wilds of Upper Lake. The party was very nice, and actually a surprise to him, which is impressive, because I don't think I've ever really seen a surprise party pulled off before, and this one was on a pretty grand scale. Seeing Ukiah again was strange. It's even smaller than I remembered it. We drove around late at night listening to the Repo! Soundtrack, which, if nothing else, helped retheme late night Ukiah driving for me, as I think the best thing I ever listened driving around when I actually lived there with my best friend was Ace of Base's The Sign. When that song is making your personal top ten list, well, those are dark times, my friend. Pictures courtesy of my sister

On Valentine's Day weekend, we went to see John Cameron Mitchell doing songs from Hedwig, poetry readings, and then live commentary to Hedwig and Shortbus (Depending on which night you went. We went to both, because we have excellent taste). He is my secret boyfriend. I could watch Origin of Love live on a loop for the rest of my life, pretty happily. Once again, Nadja documented the event

We also finally got around to going to the new Academy of Sciences. It's good, but boy howdy, crowded. Didn't do the Planetarium show or the Rainforest, due to lines, but we hit up most everything else. Sadly, my previous favorites, the engineer fish, weren't doing anything interesting, so they have been replaced in my heart by the upside down jelly fish. Obligatory Nadja photoset (which sadly does not include upside down jellyfish)

At some point during the rainy season, I discovered a wonderful leak in my ceiling. The fact that rain managed to get into my basement apartment (and naturally promptly on to a seven foot tall stack of books and games), completely bypassing Sasha and Jason's upstairs area is really a testament to the magic of this place. This is clearly not awesome, but it has spurred me to find a new place, which is awesome. In a perfect world, Sashie and Jason and I will all find a new place together, because I <3 them, but regardless, I am optimistic about improved living situations. I haven't really loved any place I've lived officially since House of Thirteen Doors, and between not loving my work and not really loving the place where I do most of my not work, that's a pretty big psychic toll that I just don't want to pay any more.

I get the feeling I might be forgetting some noteworthy weekend events in there, but it's been two months, so hopefully I can be forgiven. This weekend, once I finally finished a damnable server migration that took approximately three times as long as it was meant to, I hung out at the Robot Nest on Saturday for monthly game and obligatory bad movie watching. This time it was Curse of the Confederate Cannibals, which... wow. I can't decide if my favorite part was the conversation scene in which the background shifted from full day through twilight to dead of night depending on which character was currently on camera, or the obligatory bikini scene despite it obviously being freezing out while all male characters were wearing three or so layers, or possibly the ten minute flesh eating montage. So much to choose from. Oh, also, I bought a pair of panda pajamas from Will and Nadja's neighbors, which I expect will be my official cold weather Burning Man outfit. Yes that is a hood on it

Then yesterday, there was a peninsular brunch at Hobee's, complete with much missed Blueberry Coffee Cake, which was very pleasant, and then post-brunch movie watching and the ilk, which was even better, despite not in any way involving coffee cake.

In media watch news, I've been doing more reading in the math realms than actual reading, but am currently working through a collection of love stories collected by Jeffrey Eugenides, entitled My Mistress's Sparrow is Dead, and a Rilke collection, Rilke on Love and Other Difficulties

Can't really remember any movies that have wowed me recently. Lots of pretty good. Nothing jaw-dropping in a while. I have some hope for Tokyo!, which I'm trying to rally some people to go see in downtown Berkeley on Wednesday. You should come! At this point I am undecided about the 7:30ish show with dinner after or the 10ish one with dinner before. Place your vote, if you're interested.

Also, I want to go to more live music. Anyone out there going to see Ratatat, Fleet Foxes or Fischerspooner in April or M83 in May to help sway me in that direction? I've already got tickets for The Faint/Ladytron in April and Decemberists in May. And I am definitely trying to get tickets for the Dengue Fever/Lost World soundtrack thing as soon as they go on sale.

And now I attempt to sleep again.


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