Jan. 22nd, 2009

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No frills media watch sort of entry.

I am currently reading Infinite Jest. Very, very slowly, seeing as it's 1000+ pages of densely packed unflinchingly polysyllabic small fonted, endnoted text that I seem incapable of skimming. It is almost offensively well written, though not always on subject matter I feel I should be at all interested in, so I'll occasionally break from my rapt attention to realize I've been mostly dazzled by fifteen pages of tennis related ephemera, at which point I will narrow my eyes and mutter epithets sort of sullenly and pick up another book just to prove I can. I'll show him! Or, well, I won't, given that he showed himself with some degree of finality before I ever read word one he'd written.

Other recently purchased books include the most recent Haggis on Whey World of Unbelievable Brilliance, a series of books which I fully intend to form the educational core of any future progeny of mine, right up until CPS drags them kicking and screaming away to some sort of grim and humorless re-education camp. This one focuses on Cold Fusion (Better than Hot Fusion Or Even Fission), but also contains handy information on Why Birds Are Bad At Building Superconductors and Why Potato Chips Are Delicious. I also grabbed a book of Jeremy Fish art on a whim, mainly because I firmly believe that leaving a minefield of surreal, possibly psychosis inducing (under proper laboratory conditions) art around can't help but strengthen one's character.

Also, I've decided that I love algebraic topology. So I've been reading lots about that. One day I'll even properly understand it. It's grand. It's like an entire field of mathematics predicated about an "Imagine the cow is a sphere" joke. Except instead of saying "Imagine the cow is a sphere", you are saying "Circles are far too complicated. Let's pretend that a circle is just like the action of adding integers together instead". You've got to appreciate anything which makes that little sense at face value. No, really. Appreciate it. I'm not continuing this journal until you do.

Ok, so perhaps this journal entry is a *little* frilled. Concision is not one of my gifts, though stumbling across words I wasn't sure actually existed while trying to be clever apparently is.

Also, I'm a little tired, so perhaps I shall go to sleep now. Maybe I'll talk movies and music later. Maybe I won't. You realize of course that you brought this on yourselves by not being properly appreciative of algebraic topology, so don't come whining to me.

(I am coincidentally still in a good and apparently overwhelmingly silly mood. And it smells like rain outside, which is clearly pretty awesome)

Paper warm beings means the paper chase. For our time beings never changes this... Here's what it takes. Here's what it takes. Here's what it takes.


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