Apr. 21st, 2008

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You doubt yourself so much you don't even know what you really want, or how you really feel. And I'm so tired of you constantly over-thinking. I know why... because everything's going ok. Just your style, to break it all into pieces. I know why... because everything's going ok.

Another sort of fragmentary, "just to maintain momentum" sort of posting, which is sort of appropriate, as that's how I feel recently. Really just posting to prove that I can, in some small way at least, fight the inertia that's pretty much consumed my life for the past couple of months.

First off, why has nobody told me about this movie: There were five of them. The Indian. The ex-slave. An explosives expert. Charles Darwin. And the masked bandit.... I'm severely disappointed in all of you.

Secondly, there have been two Halou shows thus far at Cafe du Nord this month. The third and final one is this Wednesday. I will accept the following reasons for you not being there. "I can't get there". "Rabid lemming attack". "I have bad taste in music". "I am a bad person". Any other excuses must be submitted in writing to the JMSI (Joshie Ministry of Scorn and Indignation) by five pm pacific standard time on Tuesday for consideration. If not, you get added to the list... And no, you don't get to use "But I've never heard of Halou", because, look, links, links, and some more links

I'm currently reading the newish Nick Hornby. Mainly because I couldn't find my copy of Vonnegut's Bluebeard when I was walking out of the door this morning. It's not bad, but it's young adultish, and the arrow of time makes me steadily less the target audience for that. In general, I haven't been reading as much as I would like to recently. China Mieville's Un-Lun-Dun was charming, but also has the young adultish problem. Plus it made me wish he'd write some more Bas-lag books, and I don't think that's happening. Forlorn. Anyone have any suggestions?

Single best wiki page I've been distracted by recently: List of Cryptids. My favorites are the Drop Bear, Ultraboat (because the world doesn't have enough horse/boat hybrids in it), and The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, which I'm pretty sure was the name of a vegan secret society in the Middle Ages.

My newly dyed hair is showing a distressing tendency to remain more purple than blue, no matter how hard I think blue thoughts (and I have been!). This is disconcerting, as to paraphrase Sailor Ripley, blue hair is a symbol of my individuality, and belief in personal freedom. You just can't get the same feeling with purple hair. They're all conformist sheep. Obviously.

As a tangent, while the cryptids are my favorite wikipedia page du millisecond, this is far and away the best wikisurf: John Lurie -> Bear Surprise -> How does one patch KDE2 under FreeBSD. Man I love the internet.

On the BART the other day during the "Please remember your belongings" spiel, the conducter appended "Any articles left behind will be confiscated and divided amongst the rest of us. Please do not leave behind spouses and children. They're harder to divide". Awesome.

I would like to go dancing tonight, but I don't think it's in the cards. Feh. Times like this I almost wish I drove.

I flee now.

Edit: Oh hey, I almost forgot. Who wants my older copies of Angel Heart or Baron Munchausen? I've purchased new and shinier collector editions, so they're up for grabs. Also strangely up for grabs is a copy of Permanent Midnight that randomly came with the copy of Abre Los Ojos I purchased so that I could watch Vanilla Sky without having to watch Tom Cruise. I'm not exactly clear what they were thinking when they made that two for one deal, but hey, you can profit from their bizarre matchup.

Disregard your inner monologue. Don't try to drown it out, 'cause it'll only wear you out. Sometimes things are just beyond control. That has to be OK, because you don't have a choice


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