Mar. 19th, 2008

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And springtime starts but then it stops, in the name of something new, and all the senses rise against this, coming back to you

Greetings, creatures of the internets. Long time no see. I seem to have wandered vaguely off the grid there for a while, as is occasionally my wont. I'd say it would never happen again, but it doesn't take a detailed survey of my posting history to realize that's probably a lie. But for now, I'm sick of my rut, and this seems a good enough way to try to do something about it. Besides, it's spring, and that means it's time for new beginnings, and kittens, and plants flashing their genitalia at you, and good stuff like that.

Sadly, none of that makes me magically interesting, but I'm sick of procrastinating on posting something, and I seem to have forgotten how to sleep, so this seems like a good substitute. Well, this, and watching my seemingly unending collection of DVDs (Thus far tonight, The Ice Storm, and Southland Tales. You know, because I'm schizophrenic like that (Has anyone else here actually seen Southland Tales? It was only around here for like a week in theaters. It's uhhhh, really quite something. Something that treads that line between brilliance and psychosis. While I don't think it's actually a very good movie in an objective sense, it's certainly the best movie ever that contains the Sarah Michelle Geller epic "Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime" on the soundtrack though, I will give it that. Also, dwarves doing calisthenics for no reason. Also, SUVs becoming... amorous. And mega-zeppelins. And a musical number. Or two. And more!))

Hey, speaking of movies, this is me continuing to tell everyone who will listen and not really care that Guillermo del Toro seems to have At The Mountains Of Madness scheduled for 2010. Words can not describe how awesome this is. That was the last book I ever did a book report on. Said report consisted mainly of me jumping back and forth between two chairs screaming "Tekeli-li" a bunch. I had gotten very little sleep. Also, it beat having to make a diorama. After that I decided that losing 20% of my grade was a totally reasonable price to pay for not ever having to stand in front of an audience again and just started refusing to do book reports. I regret this decision not at all.

I spent a lot of time at work today telling people that their servers had run out of entropy. I mainly just wanted another excuse to say that again. "Run out of entropy". Any day in which you get paid to denounce the second law of thermodynamics can't be a complete loss. Tomorrow I plan to stand on my desk and throw my stapler into the air screaming "Up, you bastard. Fall UP!". Well, maybe not.

Anyone doing anything fun in the near(esque) future? I've got the traditional April Port Costa birthday gig (my sister's going to be 30, tee hee!), the Stromkern/New Model Army show, and maybe a couple of the Halou gigs in April on my radar, but I crave more. Also, I would like to freaking go dancing again. I had decided that I was doing Death Guild on Monday come hell or high water, even if I had to run out early to catch BART, but then I was reminded it was the anniversary, and screw that noise. Hopefully next week. In other news, I sort of have a jones to go camping.

Maybe it's my hiatus from Death Guild, but I've been showing some distressing signs of indie rock sensibilities. Been listening to a fair amount of Iron and Wine (I blame the I'm Not There soundtrack (That was a really great movie by the way. Even if you don't particularly care about Bob Dylan. I can say this with authority, because I'm one of those people)), Belle & Sebastian (See above parenthesis, except substitute Juno for I'm Not There and drop the bit about Bob Dylan) and the Venetian Snares (Ok, so they're not really indie rock at all, but I really love that song, so I tossed it in anyway. Drill and Bass tends to make me think I'm listening to a particularly unpleasant dental appointment, but it works with the Elgar (and yes, I totally picked the dorkiest possible video associated with this song)). Regardless, it's worrying, the indie rockness. If I start wearing turtlenecks, please just put me out of my misery.

OH! That reminds me. Most of you have probably already seen this on my sister's LJ, but she scanned pictures of us when we were wee tiny. I demand that you revel in proto-Josh. Of the many awesome features of this picture, I think the fact that I'm already practicing my smirk is my favorite.

Ok, that's enough pointless rambling from me. Off to go procrastinate another couple of hours and then get a good two hours of sleep before work. Whee.


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